Podcast: RWIS Lite – Increasing Safety with Slim Road Weather Information Systems

RWIS Lite road weather monitoring station

Keeping roads and highways safe is a highly responsible task. In addition to autumn’s and winter’s perils, the increase of weather fluctuations and extreme weather events throughout the year pose further challenges to road decision-makers.

Ideally, a dense network of road weather monitoring stations reliably provides accurate, hyper-local data from the road. Wherever that is not feasible, be it due to local characteristics or tight budgets, mobile sensing, and slim Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) based on proven, versatile instrumentation by Lufft can fill the gaps and ensure availability of essential weather and road surface information.

Podcast: Get the most out of your sensors and infrastructure

In this episode, our road weather monitoring experts Brandon Ankney (USA) and Steven Marks (Germany) discuss various ways to monitor road surface conditions and atmospheric properties cost-effectively. Tune in and learn about:

  • Essential atmospheric parameters for road weather monitoring
  • Slim two-sensors Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS Lite)
  • Retrofitting stations with new technology by utilizing existing infrastructure

Lufft is one of OTT HydroMet’s strong brands for professional environmental monitoring. Do you want to learn more about OTT HydroMet’s product portfolio and how it can help you to make roads safer? Our team is happy to help you.

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