PV Plant Sunset

New accessory: PMU485 Smart Setup Hub

The PMU485 Smart Setup Hub connecting your PC to any Smart Kipp & Zonen instrument. Kipp & Zonen not only designs high quality Smart solar radiation measuring instruments, but we...
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PV plant

Soiling Measurement is Included in IEC Standard 61724-1

For utility-scale PV plants the Performance Ratio (PR) is an important indicator of the efficiency of all the components used. Factors like solar irradiance, PV module temperature, module orientation, module...
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Jadeite Award

DustIQ wins the Megawatt Jadeite Award at SNEC 2019, Shanghai

From 4 to 6 June 2019, “SNEC2019 International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Exhibition and Conference" was successfully held in Shanghai, China. Kipp & Zonen exhibited at SNEC and...
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Updated manual and software for DustIQ

Based on customer feedback we have updated our DustIQ manual and improved the Smart DustIQ Explorer software that is used to perform the setup. The most recent manual now is...
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Energy Park

Soiling Research at Green Energy Park with DustIQ

One of the first to work with DustIQ was Green Energy Park to support the field tests of our research team. Since February 2018 the DustIQ is on their site...
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Solar Log

6 Views on the Subject of Soiling, Looking Back at SPI 2018

What better way to connect to our customers and update the Solar Industry than the presenting ourselves at the annual Solar Power International (SPI) exhibition? With a large booth and...
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Sahara Dust at our Office in Delft

On the morning of Tuesday April 10th I noticed a thin layer of sand on my car. As I was driving to the office I heard the news bulletin mention...
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Dust IQ

The DustIQ arrives at the Green Energy Park

One month ago, on valentine’s day, I got up at 4 in the morning. Not to surprise my wife with a breakfast but to catch a flight to Marrakesh in...
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DustIQ Installation

Successful DustIQ Test Installation in Southern Spain

I’ve just returned from Spain where I installed a new test setup for DustIQ at Plataforma Solar de Almeria (PSA). This solar research site is located in the Tabernas Desert,...
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