Podcast: Live from #IFAT2022 – Setting up a water monitoring network

One year after the cataclysmal floods in Western Germany and its bordering states, politicians and scientists of various disciplines are discussing measures to mitigate the impact and harm of heavy rain and flood events. It’s little wonder these events were subject to many conversations and presentations at IFAT 2022, the World’s leading trade fair for […]

Mitigation Matters: Flood Monitoring in La Veta, Colorado

Challenge After a wildfire in the nearby mountains increased the likelihood of water run-off into the town of La Veta, it became necessary to know when a flood event was approaching to give citizens enough time to evacuate. SolutionSeven stations, each equipped with SUTRON and OTT technology, were set up within a 13-mile radius of […]

Flood Warning Resources Compilation

We compiled all our current information on flood prevention and flood warning for you. This central resource library contains webinar recordings, white papers, and practical selection guides, so you are always well prepared. It includes info on: Achieving flood resilience through monitoring Tailoring monitoring based on specific applications Specific technology like the OTT Pluvio² S for […]

How Does Rain Fall? – The Principle of Precipitation

Summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere, heralding the beginning of the storm season and rainy period. The meteorological phenomena and their impact may differ in regard to regional realities. But irrespective of the place and its local designation, the principle of evaporation and precipitation dictates the water cycle everywhere and lays the fundament of […]

TechTip: Setting up and connecting OTT Pluvio² with OTT netDL

In this TechTip you will learn everything about the connection of the OTT netDL data logger to the Pluvio precipitation sensor product series (Pluvio², Pluvio² L & Pluvio² S) and which configurations are possible. Summary of the TechTip “OTT netDL and Pluvio”: Installation of the OTT Pluvio² operating software Use of the OTT Pluvio² operating […]

What technology should you choose to measure local rain or water levels?

It can be difficult to select monitoring technology for flooding applications when each step of building a network, from sensors to dataloggers to visualization software, has multiple options. Using OTT HydroMet’s new product brochure with an integrated selection guide, you learn more about: Monitoring network components. Key considerations for selecting sensors, data management (remote communication, […]

Whitepaper on how to build urban flood resilience plans

Are you well-prepared for floods? Learn more about suitable precautionary measures and the right tools in our latest whitepaper! As populations grow and urbanization increases, flooding events have been increasing in both frequency and intensity. Floods have historically been most damaging when there was little to no warning, with monitoring technology potentially not in the […]

Do you have questions about flooding and stormwater? Here you get the answers!

When it comes to flood warnings in urban areas, there are certain questions that we hear time and again from our customers. We’ve consolidated what the industry is most curious about and answered each of those questions below, to give you a comprehensive look at urban flooding. 1. Is flooding more of a risk in […]

How Flooding Data Saves Lives

Discover our latest infographic about flood warning systems and how measurement data can save lives. When a community is unprepared for rising water levels or flooding events, it can be disastrous for its local individuals and infrastructure. Data plays a critical role in preparing key decision-makers to lead their communities during these emergency situations. In […]