Wind of Change – Meet the New Managing Director

In the following blog post our new Managing Director Dr. Marting Nicklas introduces himself, looks back to the past and gives a view on the future…

Each ending is also the start of something new. This is related to both Klaus Hirzel and me: On the first of August, I moved into his former office in Fellbach and succeeded him as new Managing Director of the Lufft GmbH.

As you can imagine, my first day was exciting: Plenty of first impressions, a new city, a new team and a new office . But every journey starts with a small step like this one.

The footsteps I follow are big

When Klaus Hirzel and the present Klafs Managing Director Stefan Schöllhammer took over Lufft in 1989, they faced a big challenge to rescue the faltering company from closure. The mechanical products of that time weren’t up-to-date and modern technology had to be urgently put in place. This was the only chance to ensure the continuation of the traditional Lufft brand.

The new owners accepted the risk and turned the measuring technology manufacturer with lots of passion and commitment into what it is today: innovative, continuously growing and international.

After the both traditional and innovative brand had been established for years on the market, it was just the right time for Klaus Hirzel to pass the baton and to dedicate himself to other tasks.

The Ott Hydromet acquisition in December 2015 was the first step of this handling over and really a win-win deal: On one hand, the sensor specialist from Kempten was able to expand its portfolio optimally. On the other hand, the new group affiliation is linked to more security, more efficient working methods and more clout on the market. Thus, Klaus Hirzel and his team created best conditions for our future.


Why I’m convinced that we will continue this successful course?

I’ve always been fascinated by future-oriented technologies making the world a slightly better place.

After my aerospace technology studies and a doctorate, for which I was specialized in the development, testing and the usage of measuring technology, I’ve gathered experience in the production of high-tech, the construction and operation of power plants as well as in energy industry for more than 16 years. After all these years, I had the desire to move back to my home state Baden-Württemberg.

In search of a local high-tech company, it was essential for me that it complies with my personal values and my expectations. I was looking for a sustainable working environment, in which each employee can make a difference based on an open business culture and acts with a dedicated focus on customer needs. This is made possible especially through a well-educated, motivated workforce with healthy curiosity.


I’m glad, I found a company really living its motto “passion for precision” and I’m looking forward to continue the company’s history with the same passion.


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