Building an Effective Meteorological Station for Solar PV

Weather station Lufft WS600 at solar PV plant.

Weather conditions have a huge influence on photovoltaic output. Even intermittent cloud cover can have a dramatic effect on incident solar energy, while other factors like air temperature, wind direction and speed, precipitation, humidity and air pressure can all influence the efficiency of solar cells. Monitoring weather conditions accurately is crucial in order to understand […]

Power Pylon Monitoring to Predict Ice Formation in the Scottish Highlands

Weather station monitoring power lines

Winter can get grim in the heights of Scotland. To make power supply more reliable, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) wanted to understand more about ice formation on its power lines. A tailored solution by OTT HydroMet monitors the microclimate surrounding the power pylons and automatically sends alerts when the lines are about to freeze. Now, it faces its second winter season.

Mitigation Matters: Flood Monitoring in La Veta, Colorado

Challenge After a wildfire in the nearby mountains increased the likelihood of water run-off into the town of La Veta, it became necessary to know when a flood event was approaching to give citizens enough time to evacuate. SolutionSeven stations, each equipped with SUTRON and OTT technology, were set up within a 13-mile radius of […]

Weather Monitoring for C&I PV Installations

The potential across the solar energy market does not cease to grow. In the latest episode of OTT CAST, we take a look at the rapidly growing Commercial and Industrial (C&I) segment. C&I scale plants combine advantages of smaller and larger installations: Being flexible in size and power output, C&I installations equipped with storage capacities […]

Between Ski Jumping Hill and Heaven – Weather Assistance at Major Events

Nordischer Kombinierer beim Sprung von der Schanze in Oberstdorf

The World’s best ski jumpers and cross-country skiers have gathered in Oberstdorf, Germany, at the Nordic Ski World Championships. However, one of the leading parts is played by an experienced meteorologist. Joachim Schug from DTN knows a thing or two about the perils awaiting the host and the athletes between mountains and valleys. Some sports […]

Measuring Air Quality in Switzerland’s Lofty Mountains with Pluvio²

Weather station in alpine summer landscape

Inaccessibly shimmering from the distance as white giants, but the mountains are sensitive on the events in the plains. Amid the Swiss Alps, at the Alpine Research Station Furka (ALPFOR) on 2440 meters a.s.l., scientists are investigating the impact of humans on alpine nature. For their versatile work, they mainly use instruments by OTT HydroMet. […]

The Ozone Hole and its Impact on Earth

Red evening sky

The ozone layer above Earth can be compared to an umbrella which protects us from the rain. But there’s a hole in the umbrella, and we are slowly but surely getting wet. At first it’s just a little, then more and more until at some point we will be completely in the rain. The ozone […]