Podcast: Road Weather Innovations – A Trip to Poland

In a coalescing world, safe and efficient transportation of people and goods becomes increasingly important. Thus, it comes with little surprise that weather monitoring for roads, railways, and air traffic rank among the most innovative applications across meteorology.

The company APM PRO is a successful innovator of the Polish and Eastern European road industry. Recently, APM PRO has developed Control Pro Ice, an automated de-icing system that ensures safe traffic at tunnel entrances. Thanks to specialized meteorological and pavement condition sensors, the system detects any slippery conditions and automatically triggers a sprinkler system to cover the affected sections of road with de-icing agent.

For this episode of OTT CAST, we’ve visited Dawid Brudny, Vice President at APM PRO, to talk about this project, the importance of on-site meteorological measurements, and other innovations in the road weather industry.

Control Pro Ice System (credit: APM PRO)

Tune in and learn about: 

  • The automated de-icing system Control Pro Ice
  • Why tunnel entrances have their own micro-climate
  • The importance of meteorological measurements for safe traffic


In case the embedded player does not appear, listen to the episode on Buzzsprout via this link.

Interested in learning more about innovative road weather monitoring solutions?

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