Podcast: Meet the Dutch Couple Who Drove to Cape Town and Back

Special Holidays Episode! This Dutch couple has seen quite a big part of the world. Maarten van Pel and Renske Cox always have been passionate travelers. But one day, they decided to stop flying. This decision gave birth to a spectacular idea and their biggest adventure yet: Driving from the Netherlands to Cape Town and back – powered mainly by solar energy.

In this episode of OTT CAST, we welcome two dedicated ambassadors for sustainable traveling. Maarten and Renske talk about their 13-months trip with more than 38.000 kilometers driven in a Skoda Enyaq, a battery electric vehicle (BEV). Thanks to PV panels on the rooftop and in the trunk of their car, they were able to generate more than half of the needed energy form the sun.

Tune in and learn about: 

  • Impressions from Africa, a beautiful continent full of contrasts
  • How and where to charge a BEV with solar panels
  • Effective use of Kipp & Zonen CMP3 pyranometer to optimize charging performance


In case the embedded player does not appear, listen to the episode on Buzzsprout via this link.

Further reading

Homepage: Website of 4x4electric.com


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