Podcast: Analog or Smart Sensor? Choosing the Right Instrument

Food for geeks! Most measurement instruments are either analog or smart. This applies to our Kipp & Zonen portfolio for solar irradiance monitoring, too. But which one to choose for which application?

In this episode of OTT CAST, we welcome Sajad Badalkhani, an experienced technical expert for solar monitoring instruments. We discuss the technical differences between analog and smart sensors and who they are designed for. Sajad explains the concept of the Modbus protocol and introduces the SMP12, an ISO 9060:2018 Class A pyranometer with integrated heating and built-in sensors for remote monitoring of humidity and tilt angle.

Tune in and learn about: 

  • Pros and cons of analog and smart sensors, as the CMP and SMP series
  • Introducing the Modbus protocol
  • Next level monitoring with the new Kipp & Zonen SMP12

In case the embedded player does not appear, listen to the episode on Buzzsprout via this link.

Interested in learning more about the Kipp & Zonen portfolio of analog and smart instruments for solar irradiance monitoring? Reach out to our team!

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