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Our global team leverages decades of expertise from each market to shape modern technologies, engineering, and applications. They combine globalized innovation with tailored expert service and support to break local barriers by listening to your unique needs, so you can have better trust and confidence in your data for both water and weather applications.

When you choose to work with OTT HydroMet, you’re also working with over 500 years of combined expertise across seven strong brands that have come together to provide reliability and sustainability for monitoring networks.

  Founded: 1873

OTT partners with water resource professionals, organizations, and locations in need of generating reliable data throughout the entire water cycle.

In 2017, the OTT team partnered with the municipal civil engineering office of Bonn to equip two streams with high damage potential and some large catchment areas with measuring stations at twelve critical points. The subsequent data is collected to locally limit severe weather warnings and to detect an overloading of the streams at an early stage. OTT sensors measure the water level around the clock, fully automatically, and send this data via UMTS/LTE to a traffic computer. In addition, video cameras are used to transmit pictures of the situation on site to the control centre. This makes it possible to warn residents and emergency services more specifically and earlier so that they can take final protective measures.

New alarm levels for streams with high damage potential in Bonn

“We go beyond simply providing solutions by partnering with our customers in designing effective answers to the challenges they encounter in their vital role of monitoring the world’s water.” –  Jörg Mickelat, OTT HydroMet Sales Manager –

Founded: 1975

The SUTRON product brand provides real-time environmental monitoring around the world for hydro-met/oceanic control systems, stations, software and services.

For example, Sutron began working with the Army Corps of Engineers in New Orleans in 2006 to set-up 12 new stations to measure water level, rain, barometric pressure, and more.

Staff installed stations in each canal and conducted testing in conjunction with Prime Controls. The team then trained USACE and Prime personnel in operation and maintenance of the stations and communications equipment and provided battery and solar power for the equipment and the fiber converters.

Sutron joined OTT HydroMet in 2015.

Founded: 1968

HYDROLAB® water quality instruments and software help environmental scientists and managers monitor the increasingly important changes in our water resources by providing continuous water quality data, reliability, and usability.

You can rely on the technical expertise and reach of the combined OTT HydroMet and HYDROLAB teams. For example, some of our staff recently visited monitoring locations in Colorado to ensure the equipment was working to satisfaction.

“We value these on-site visits and receiving feedback from our customers. The combined OTT HydroMet creates even greater support and training assistance for our customers in the field.” ­– Christel Valentine, OTT HydroMet Vertical Marketing Manager –

HYDROLAB joined OTT HydroMet in 2002.

Founded: 2003

ADCON focuses on telemetry solutions, based on its own ultra low-power radio technology and GSM/GPRS/UMTS modems, both being integrated into its own range of loggers.

In 2005, the Fernwasserversorgung Franken Franconia Water Supply, which supplies drinking water to private properties in cities and municipalities, worked with ADCON to build a network of 570 UHF telemetry stations to automatically receive data from bulk water meters in sub-surface manholes.

This allowed FWF to view all data in 15-minute intervals to better analyze changes in consumption patterns.

ADCON joined OTT HydroMet in 2011.

Founded: 1881

Lufft, a producer of professional components and systems for climate and environment measurement for more than 135 years, worked with Pyeongchang, South Korea, to prepare for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

Lufft assisted with recording and analyzing environmental data, which is crucial to understand weather conditions ahead of time to plan important events and venues. Lufft went directly on-site with weather and street sensors to measure wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure, as well as road conditions such as moisture, ice, or sleet.

Lufft joined OTT HydroMet in 2016.

Founded: 1830

Kipp & Zonen is a specialist in the measurement of solar and sky radiation and provides class-leading instruments used in meteorological networks around the world.

Two such locations include barchan dunes in Mauritania, Africa, and Qatar, Asia, that shift and can cover roads or infrastructure, leading researchers with the Qatar National Research Foundation to keep this motion in check.

They teamed with Kipp & Zonen beginning in 2011 to record temperatures to understand variations over time and create modeling of sand heat transfer for time lapse animations.

Kipp & Zonen joined OTT HydroMet in 2017.

Founded: 1997

MeteoStar is a global leader in the environmental analysis, display and integration/distribution systems market.

In 2013, Total Lightning Network, the largest lightning network providing long-range detection of both in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning, teamed with MeteoStar to provide global lightning information into MeteoStar’s LEADS product, to enhance visibility into dangerous lightning and severe storm events for improved situational awareness.

MeteoStar joined OTT HydroMet in 2015.


Together as OTT HydroMet, we combine highly innovative companies with measuring systems for hydrology, meteorology, and environmental monitoring. Each global team provides sustainable solutions that go beyond the expectations of hydrology and meteorology professionals. Get local and technical expertise across your data value chain and move across brands with ease as we build your entire system together.

We work to create an end-to-end global network so you can focus on making informed decisions for the world’s water resources and forecasting surface weather, to protect the environment and lives.



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