VS2k visibility sensor in a research project for better headlamps in fog

The research from L-LAB in Lippstadt for better safety on roads (more…)

TALPA regs mandatory in 2020…Are you ready?

The TALPA initiative takes effect in 2020. How mobile runway weather sensors can reduce the risk in takeoff and landing? (more…)

Our Highlights from MTWExpo2019

On 5-7 of June 2019, we - like thousands of other experts in weather and water applications - were drawn to Geneva for the, Meteorological Technology World Expo - the...

Why are active and passive Lufft Runway sensors always coupled at airports?

We offer both passive and active embedded pavement sensors. The following article explains, why the active one is needed especially on airports and how they are configured via the UMB...

The Hydro-Meteorological Center of Russia trusts in Lufft weather sensors

On the recommendation of the Russian partner, the Hydro-Meteorological Center of Russia in Moscow recently installed an automatic weather station equipped with Lufft sensors. (more…)

Proper irrigation of the garden using intelligent measurement technology

In addition to the factors of light, temperature and nutrient availability, water is one of the most important prerequisites for healthy plant growth. If a plant lacks water, this not...

These are the improvements implemented by the SDI-12 update

Development news for the SDI-12 protocol, whose latest version is now available for Lufft UMB sensors. (more…)

Growing Use of Mobile Sensor MARWIS on Airports

In the last weeks we received several new success stories of the mobile pavement sensor MARWIS. Especially in aviation applications it is becoming more and more established. And the advantages...

This is how the new firmware version of the WS family was developed

The new firmware version of Lufft's compact weather sensor family has for some time been equipped with new functions that significantly simplify Modbus programming. (more…)

All about flight safety: Visit us at the World ATM Congress in Madrid

This awaits you at this year's World ATM Congress in Madrid. (more…)