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How Does Rain Fall? – The Principle of Precipitation

Summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere, heralding the beginning of the storm season and rainy period. The meteorological phenomena and their impact may differ in regard to regional realities....

How to ensure real-time access to Antarctic tide data

One of the most important challenges, when designing monitoring facilities in remote locations, is resilience. Remote tide gauge systems operate in extremely harsh environments and require robust communications systems that...
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OTT HydroMet’s Solar Energy Insights

Solar Energy has grown out to be one of Kipp & Zonen’s core application markets, but within the OTT HydroMet organization Lufft is also a key supplier to solar energy....
Solar Energy
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What poses the greatest environmental hazard for solar energy? Dust!

Solar energy has emerged as the best technology in the world for new energy installations, with rapidly spreading global acceptance driven by mega-programs, unbelievably at ever lower costs. Technology advances...
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Aquatic Informatics Joins Danaher’s Water Quality Platform

The water management software provider Aquatic Informatics Inc. has been acquired by Danaher’s Water Quality platform from XPV Water Partners.“I am thrilled to welcome Ed Quilty and the Aquatic Informatics...

Iridium Epoch Halftime Rollover

The purpose of this advisory is to provide information about the Iridium Time (IRT) Epoch Halftime event. This notification is to assure OTT HydroMet customers who use Iridium Time in...

Just released SmartExplorer

With the release of SmartExplorer v2020 there is now one software release that supports all Kipp & Zonen Smart instruments and the DustIQ. The manual has been updated and extended to...
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Dilus Instrumentación y Sistemas S.A. installed and commissioned the largest Solar Park in Europe

This largest European solar plant, which has been in operation since April 6th, has an installed capacity of 500MW. It is owned by Iberdrola, a Spanish multinational electric utility company...
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New accessory: PMU485 Smart Setup Hub

The PMU485 Smart Setup Hub connecting your PC to any Smart Kipp & Zonen instrument. Kipp & Zonen not only designs high quality Smart solar radiation measuring instruments, but we...
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Webinar: The Future of Mobile and Stationary Road Weather Data conditions and visibility heavily influence drivers’ safety and traffic flow. With a wide range of sensors, road maintenance specialists monitor a variety of meteorological parameters including air and surface...