Are you ready for the year 2020?

Do you know the trends and best practices for the new year yet? Learn more about the OTT HydroMet innovations in our guide. 2020 brings new trends in hydrological monitoring. In the new guide, we share the experience and tips of our experts in order to prepare you for the challenges of this year. Contents: […]

OTT France celebrates 25th anniversary

For 25 years the OTT HydroMet Group has had a strong representation in France with their local subsidiary in Aix-en-Provence – reason enough to review the success story of the subsidiary. How OTT France Developed Over The Years During the ’80s and beginning of ’90s OTT HydroMet had worked with a dealer near Paris to […]

Groundwater Monitoring from Across the Globe

Not sure what groundwater monitoring data can provide for you? We’ve compiled some of their projects in our new case study compilation to showcase how groundwater data can be used Our customers from across the globe are examples of how diverse groundwater monitoring can be in both application and usage. We’ve compiled some of their […]

Trends in Nutrient Monitoring

The nitrogen and phosphorus pollution of water has the potential to become a significant environmental problem. Our recent whitepaper deals with this topic and discusses possible solutions. As essential components of living organisms, nitrogen and phosphorus are of fundamental importance. Phosphates and nitrates are naturally occurring nutrients that promote the growth of aquatic organisms. Permanently […]

Introducing the OTT ecoN​ – the new generation of water quality sensors

Nutrient monitoring is becoming more important as time goes on – as human activity increases the natural amount of nitrate in water, plants, and organisms are more and more negatively affected. Current nutrient monitoring relies on low temporal frequency monitoring and spot-checking, which are vulnerable to uncertainties and less representative of the waterbody. They also […]