RT1 Update


The first RT1 systems have left our factory and are now installed in the field. RT1 can play a crucial role in monitoring the efficiency of commercial-scale rooftop solar panel installations.

It provides the real-time local irradiance and PV panel temperature measurements that you need to derive the performance ratio, and thus the return on investment, of the project. RT1 is designed to make the monitoring of rooftop PV as easy as possible, but at the level of accuracy Kipp & Zonen is known for. The biggest benefit is, of course, the combination of two sensors; a silicon pyranometer and a panel temperature sensor. But, there are more clever things about RT1:

  • It is very easy to mount because you don’t need any tools or screws
  • The solar irradiance measurement is in the exact plane of array of the PV panels because RT1 is fixed directly on a panel
  • The cables and waterproof connectors are high quality
  • The temperature sensor is very robust and is thermally isolated from the air
  • The temperature sensor will stay firmly fixed, thanks to the special heat-conducting 3M™ tape
  • RT1 comes with cable ties and self-adhesive mounting pads, to properly secure the sensor cable to the panel

Feedback from one of the first customers

The first customer to buy an RT1 in India is Kalpa Power. Rounak Muthiyan (Director) and Rohidas Hiray (Assistant Manager) explain how and why they were the first to do so. “At Intersolar 2017 Europe in June, I stumbled upon this great utility product which was a perfect fit for the Indian rooftop solar market. Till date we’re always using the SMP3 product which is primarily designed for ground mount/utility-scale installations. Kipp & Zonen is an industry leader when it comes to sensors for renewable energy solar applications.

Rounak Muthiyan
Rounak Muthiyan

The SMP3 and CMP3 pyranometers have been the only products available in the Indian market to fit the rooftop industry in the past. We were convinced about the benefits and the accuracy of Kipp & Zonen very early, when we installed the products at our commercial and industrial rooftop projects. The new RT1 however, has great advantages over the Second Class SMP3 and CMP3; its price position, the ease of mounting it on variable tilt roofs as well as the added advantage of a module temperature sensor. When we were introduced to the RT1 sensor with all its added benefits, like a simple mounting fixture, integrated module sensor and the high quality that all Kipp & Zonen products are known for, it was a no-brainer for us to go ahead and select the RT1 device.”

Kalpa Power Pvt. Ltd. specializes in designing, building and implementing systems for generating solar power. In just a few years, it has commissioned close to 5 MW of solar power capacity. Kalpa Power was born out of the motto: “Making power more reliable, affordable and environment friendly.”

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