Podcast: Mesoscale Monitoring – The Impact of Spatial Data Densification

In Episode 20 of OTT Cast, we welcome Daryl Ritchison to share his expertise on mesoscale monitoring. With over 35 years of experience in the field of meteorology in both forecasting and environmental monitoring, Daryl Ritchison is often consulted for his expertise in the field. As the leader of the pioneering North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network (NDAWN) National Mesonet Program, Daryl provides insight into the development of the Mesonet Program and how increasing the spatial resolution of monitoring networks can support a variety of stakeholders and provide a significant return on investment for a community. 

Tune in and learn about:  

  • The intricate relationship between precipitation, snow water equivalent (SWE), and soil moisture, and how these factors impact critical aspects of our lives such as flooding and crop yield
  • The National Mesonet Program: how the National Weather Service (NWS) leverages the data and the program’s ability to cultivate a synergetic community dynamic  
  • How the OTT Pluvio² has vastly improved the accuracy of his network by providing comprehensive data on all types of precipitation

In case the embedded player does not appear, listen to the episode on Buzzsprout via this link.


Interested in learning about the OTT Pluvio² and how it can transform your precipitation measurement accuracy? 

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