New road sensor MARWIS on tour in Germany

With the mobile road weather sensor MARWIS our engineers realized an innovative product which is able to contribute many improvements to the road and air traffic management. A lot of people who can benefit from MARWIS didn’t experience the new sensor in action already. This is to be changed in the upcoming weeks…


For four weeks the mobile road sensor MARWIS will travel throughout Germany. Its destinations are winter service and highway authorities, airports and other institutions which are responsible for the road and runway maintenance. Because many of the persons in charge of these tasks don’t know the MARWIS yet or just heard about it and never saw it in action.

As I attended my first test drive with the MARWIS I was amazed at how fast and how many different information the compact high-tech sensor delivered to the connected iPad. At that day, the streets were full of puddles and normally this is nothing I’m happy about. But for the MARWIS introduction it was perfect. The related iOS app display swichted from “dry” to “moist” to “wet” reliably and showed water layers of up to 6mm height. But the sensor is capable of even more: during cold days, for example, it also knows how slippery the road surface is due to ice and snow coating and how much ice is included in the water below the car.

In order to give future sensor users the chance to experience this as well, our service technician Jimmy Latimer is on tour throughout Germany within the next four weeks – fittet out with MARWIS, iPad and info material. His journey will start in Southern Germany on Monday. Afterwards he will drive over to the western part of the country to reach the north. In the end, he will visit eastern Germany. Interested participants can join a spin – just like me – and watch the measured data during driving. Jimmy Latimer visits all people directly at work to keep it easy for them to include the trip in the daily routine. Moreover it’s interesting for us to find out, how roads or runways are kept clear from snow and ice so far.

In future MARWIS can support you to make the right decisions and to determine the right amount of de-icing material. It also provides evidence in situations for which there was no evidence before such as for accidents with cars and bicycles due to slipperiness on the road.

In case you want to convince yourself of MARWIS now, feel free to contact us at – we are happy to visit you!

You want to track the MARWIS road show online? At you can see where MARWIS is located in the moment. Just log in with the name MARWIS-Tour and the password marwis2015.

Or you want to learn more about the new mobile sensor? Here you can watch the MARWIS product movie in order to get ready for it:


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