Lufft internal – employees introduce themselves: from idea to everyday use

Today’s Lufft internal Blog contribution gives you a little insight into our field of development in which e.g. Martin Kiepfer is a part of the team in important product-related projects. Here, he reports about his daily experiences and challenges at Lufft


Since October 2013 I have worked as embedded software engineer at Lufft. A lucky coincidence led me to the sensor specialized measurement and control technology company: During my studies, I got to know Lufft through an internship. Afterwards I worked for a hardware supplier and thus met Lufft in the role of a customer. Eventually one came to another…

After joining the development team in Fellbach, I started with a handheld device project for nine months. There I was partly responsible for the development of the current XC series firmware. Then I moved to the MARWIS team and worked on the software architecture. Furthermore I have been responsible for the low-level software development in general. Now, I’m mainly in charge of the communication interface of the sensor and, thus also for the MARWIS apps. The iOS App for Apple devices already exists for a while. But recently also the Android version was released. Especially the combination of application- and product-related tasks offers a lot of variety and therefore fun at work.

Through the development of the mobile road weather sensor MARWIS many new challenges have occurred. MARWIS is a completely new, highly innovative device. Through its mobility many, completely new requirements relating to the user interaction and location-related measurements had to be fulfilled. This special mobile weather station must be able to capture measurement values in real time and transfer them directly to a compact and portable user interface in order to be displayed properly (such as  on a Smartphone).

Another project I will soon be a part of, is the evolution of the cloud height sensor CHM 15 k, which was acquired from Jenoptik in April last year. This is a task linked with new fields of application as well as new challenges. All these projects show how I have met innovative technologies and I will meet them in future as well through my experiences at Lufft. The fact that you, as an important part of a smart development team, invent something you encounter in everyday life again after finishing, is very appealing to me. These encounters can take place in form of a weather sensor at the side of the road or in form of a MARWIS sensor mounted on a salt spray truck passing you – something, which makes me very proud of course.

For more information about the MARWIS apps please go to

About the author:
My name is Martin Kiepfer and since October 2013 I’ve worked at Lufft as an embedded software engineer. Here I always face new challenges which enrich me with interesting experiences and make boredom impossible.

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