Fresh Faces in the Field: Meet the European Service Team

OTT HydroMet strives to hire skilled and experienced candidates in the field of environmental monitoring to confidently support our customers from installation to data access. Meet the talented individuals we brought on board in 2022!

Michael Leitner

Field Service Technician – Austria

Michael brings knowledge of coding languages and previous experience with our product line to the team. Prior to joining OTT HydroMet, he worked at DS Automation GmbH where he commissioned the prototype of autonomous guided vehicles (AGV).

Michael enjoys spending his free time in the mountains ski touring, mountain biking, and snowboarding.

Simon Cockcroft 

Field Service Technician – United Kingdom

Simon is our newest member to the team and will support customers in the UK. Prior to joining OTT HydroMet, he worked as a Project Engineer at Siemens.

Simon enjoys playing music and old-school film photography.

Charly Ouine

Field Service Technician – France

Charly has extensive knowledge in the field of environmental monitoring and experience with a variety of OTT sensors and datalogger technology as he previously worked at Ceneau, maintaining over 200 hydrometric stations. 

Charly spent 3 months in the field in Antarctica for a mission with the French Polar Institute.

Matthias Dusch

Field Service Technician and Project Manager – Austria

Prior to joining OTT HydroMet, Matthias worked as a Field Engineer at the University of Innsbruck completing glaciological field work. His diverse work ranged from ground penetrating radar measurements to digging 5m deep snow pits at high altitude. He has even used our Lufft brand products in the past for his research!

Matthias enjoys skiing, mountaineering, and is a trained mountain rescuer.

Christophe Parre

Field Service Technician and Project Manager – France-Aix-en-Provence

Christophe has more than 20 years of experience with Hydro and Met installations in France and Africa and has used many of our products and software in the past. One of his most memorable field service missions was heli-lifting a calibrated wooden weir to the level of the measurement point (2000 m altitude) in the Maritime Alps.

Christophe enjoys reading, hiking and holds a climbing certification from Conseil Formation Méditerranée.

Reach out to our Service & Support team for a wide variety services. We are here to help support your monitoring efforts.

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