The recipe for the successful sales of environmental sensors

Get to know our new Head of Global Sales Nicolas Jalby. He will drive the worldwide sales of our meteorological, industrial and optical sensors and will support our partners. In the following, he introduces himself and explains, what fascinates him about environmental metrology.

“One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions”.

This quote from Grace Hopper, the famous American computer scientist, provides a good insight of my passion for the measurement industry.

There’s no wonder why I decided to meet the challenge of working at Lufft again: The company, which I already worked for from 2008 until 2012, gave me a real taste for this business. In this increasingly interconnected world, sensors are in use at the most critical point of the information chain. The data they transmit can have a decisive role in many aspects of our lives. It can not only help optimizing our comfort, but sometimes also our safety. To a larger extend, sensors give us some precious information about all the ways we interact with our environment or even influence it.

After a short digression in the mass consumption industry, I realized that environmental challenges have not only been a major concern for me, but also something I could use as an opportunity for a career change. The sales and promotion of environmental measuring equipment are now part of my life for more than 11 years. Among all high-tech related businesses, the thing I found the most interesting about environmental sensors is their complexity. How can we produce accurate, objective, and consistent data when natural phenomena themselves are so difficult to understand and to describe? And once we succeed in this, how can we make this data useful for our customers, who all have different needs and expectations?

Along with those challenges, the international and multicultural aspects play a significant role within my job. Each country, each culture implies different climates, norms or ways of working. It is my duty to understand those specificities. This is the only way to maintain an edge on competitors, stay up-to-date on trends and technologies, find new applications for our sensors and, finally, to expand our global partner and customer network.

In this fast-changing company, I would like to share my passion and inspire action with my sales team. In our field, it’s not just about selling top-class innovative products. Innovation can only be driven by our internal long-term expertise. Therefore, it is important that we share our conviction with the market whenever we consider that one of our new technologies may become a future standard. For the same reason, we have to listen to every single of our clients carefully, as a single unremarkable request might conceal tomorrow’s most popular application.

This exciting journey also started with some changes in my life as I am now based in the vibrant city of Berlin after I lived 5 years in the Netherlands. Thus, because of this passion for the right measurement, my curiosity for other cultures, my joy for sharing with other people, and maybe also as a consequence of my French origins, it is not surprising that I’m a dedicated hobby cook.

My recipe for selling innovative measurement technologies: Listen carefully to the market, share your passion and think outside the box.


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