Paperless & remote workflows – no problem for the Lufft I-BOX!

The Lufft I-Box has existed for more than one year now and covers a variety of application fields. In the following blog post, we summarize some industrial customer references for you and describe their applications with the smart gateway of the measurement technology…

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In this post I present to you a few of our many success stories of Lufft I-BOX, the gateway of the industrial measurement technology

Grupo Antolin Bamberg GmbH & Co. KG: Climate monitoring in production halls easy with the I-BOX!

Bernd Spindler, head of the electronics production at Grupo Antolin Bamberg GmbH & Co. KG, confirms: We are very satisfied with the Lufft monitoring solution consisting of a Lufft OPUS20 data logger with an external temperature-humidity probe and a Lufft I-BOX. We can use it to control the required climate of our sensitive SMT production and comprehend the range violations, both visually and acoustically“. Climate monitoring of manufacturing processes with automatic alerts in cases of range exceedings are no longer a problem thanks to the Lufft I-BOX.

At the Grupo Antolin site the blue box monitors the temperature and humidity of the SMT (Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology) production area and alerts each range violation. The limits for the temperatures are 18 to 30 °C and for humidity levels from 30 up to 60%. The measurement of temperature and humidity is performed by an OPUS20 data logger with an external temperature-humidity probe. The Lufft I-BOX is responsible for the alerts by activating a traffic light as well as a siren when limits are exceeded. So it takes place both as acoustic and a visual alarm. For this, the customer uses several Lufft I-Box Apps such as the OPUS20 and e-mail alert one.

Kistler Automotive GmbH – data access from everywhere made possible by Lufft I-Box

In the DAkkS calibration laboratory at Kistler Automotive GmbH, the Lufft I-Box is in use for the data decentralization. The application consists of several OPUS20 data logger which need to transport measurement values not only to different buildings but also to other countries (eg. in Germany and Switzerland). With the help ofthe Lufft I-BOX now all the data can be queried via a centralized and global intranet. About the Lufft I-Box, I can report only positive things. So far, we only had one small problem, which was solved quickly through an app. It was about the built-in Lufft I-Box quartz which was solved by regular comparisons with the online servers”, states the head of the calibration laboratory Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Petar Valov.

Diehl Aerospace – Paperless workflows implemented easily with the smart gateway

At Diehl Aerospace GmbH in Ueberlingen a paperless workflow was made possible by means of the Lufft I-Box. They were looking for a way to cover different measuring points in the plant, which were previously monitored regulary by paper chart recorders provided manually by the staff. This was replaced by a efficient digital method now. The aircraft equipment company uses the Lufft I-Box in conjunction with 11 OPUS20 data loggers from now on. A big advantage compared to the previous paper work is the automatic e-mail alert when a data logger measures values exceeding the desired ranges. The device reacts quickly and runs smoothly. We are very satisfied with the Lufft I-BOX“, reports the Industrial Production Manager Daniel Frei. – Realtime online monitoring of air quality fluctuations

Also at (meaning “thunder”), a German online weather service, the clever box has proven to be good. The weather expert constituted the Lufft I-box at two sites so far determining CO2 levels, temperature and humidity in different premises as well as outdoor. A part of the vlaues is presented online at in real time to show the users, how much the air quality can vary. The installation was easy and the equipment runs completely smoothly for months now. So we decided to use this system at other sites as well“, said the website operator.

If you have a similar problems, we are happy to help and advice you. Just get in touch with us and we will find a suitable solution for you!

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