Lufft Success Stories in Greece: Road Weather and Building Automation

Since 2001 AEVEKO and Lufft form a strong team regarding the sales and installation of environmental as well as traffic weather stations. In the following Nektarios Saroukos reports on his most memorable projects in Greece which were completed in 2016.

Since 2001 AEVEKO and Lufft form a strong team regarding the sales and installation of environmental as well as traffic weather stations. In the following Nektarios Saroukos reports on his most memorable projects in Greece which were completed in 2016.

Tsakona Arch Bridge


Tsakona Arch bridge in South Peloponnese is the second largest in Greece, after the Rio-Antirrio Bridge, and is considered as one the longest multi-span arch bridges worldwide. The bridge reaches 400 meters in length and connects an area where a large landslide took place in 2003. It’s a structure of extraordinary complexity, both in terms of foundation as well as superstructure, as it is a huge arch erected on two piers and a bridge suspended from this bow without base, so that it’s not affected by the landslide area located beneath it.

In March 2016, Set Point Technologies has installed a 100-channel distributed data acquisition system, consisting of acceleration sensors, strain gages, temperature sensors, load cells, tilt sensors and wind velocity and wind direction sensors for the continuous monitoring of the bridge’s structural integrity. Set Point Technologies has installed two LUFFT V200A Ultrasonic Wind Sensors on a bridge hanger to measure the wind speed and direction at two different heights in order to compare them with the vibration of the bridge’s hangers. The vibration of the bridge’s hangers is measured across two directions with the use of highly sensitive piezoelectric accelerometers.


Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center


We are proud to be a part of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) – last year’s biggest construction project in Greece (550M€).  In June our customer TEABE EPE installed one WS601-UMB Compact Weather Station on the photovoltaic roof for measuring air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, air pressure as well as wind.

All values are sent to the BMS (Building Management System) via Modbus protocol giving valuable information to control and monitor various sub systems: The temperature and relative humidity serves the calculation of the building’s enthalpy for the cooling control of the central air-conditioning units. The wind speed and direction is used for controlling the ventilation in the premises of indoor parking area and the rest of the WS601 values are stored for statistical purposes.

SNFCC was designed by the famous Italian architect Renzo Piano in 2008, started to be built in 2012 and finished in June 2016. It now has enough space for the National Library of Greece and the Greek National Opera.



In 2015 we delivered the first three UMB RWIS (Road Weather Information Systems) to OLYMPIA ODOS (previously known as APION KLEOS Concession Company) in order to monitor the road & ambient weather conditions of the OLYMPIA ODOS Motorway (Elefsina – Korinthos – Patra).

After one year, we visited the meteo stations’ sites to verify the good performance by using a calibrated Lufft WS500-UMB all-in-one weather sensor as well as calibration kit for the visibility sensor. Recently three more RWISs Meteo stations were delivered to be installed in further parts of the motorway.

The RWIS detects ice and delivers important warnings of low frictions on the road surface, fog (visibility alarm if it is below 200m visibility), at dangerous precipitation events such as hail or heavy rain with more than 8 mm/h as well as strong wind. Especially if wind speeds are above 17 m/s, trucks need to be warned of strong side winds.
All data are stored in SQL database out of which SmartView3 create the visualization of all values using tables and graphs. In the same time SCADA is also polling the stations using NTCIP protocol and produces alarms for the traffic signs according to the respective values. For this, OLYMPIA ODOS uses LCOMs, a small PC from Lufft which is integrated into the cabinet.




In the winter of 2016/17, snow storms in Greece caused transportation difficulties. Luckily we prepared the motorway operators AEGEAN Motorway, EGNATIA ODOS and OLYMPIA ODOS well by providing them with a total of 45 stationary road weather systems and two mobile road sensors (MARWIS) from Lufft. MARWIS issues valuable real-time data on current road conditions, water, snow and ice layers, ice percentages and friction. Combined with stationary measuring systems it is the perfect aid for optimizing the winter service.


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