The colourful world of the Lufft I-Box Apps

The Lufft I-Box store has grown: After Lufft I-Box developer Wolfgang Clauss explained the functionality and the features of the Lufft I-Box at firsthand in April last year, we address the issue of the new opportunities arising with new apps. There are some new applications and features which are worth taking a look at…

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Whether you need to fulfill documentation requirements, need to control intelligent alarming systems or have to feed forecasting and automation processes with data: The Lufft I-BOX supports you exactly where it is necessary to overcome the biggest hurdle in the sometimes quite difficult system integration. It also allows you to create an individual working environment. This comes in form of various functional modules (apps), which originate from the constantly growing Lufft I-BOX App Store.

This App Store has increased significantly in recent months. Therefore, we would like to introduce some new apps briefly:

IN-App Anacon

With the intelligent Lufft UMB analogue to digital converter ANACON (order number: 8160.UANA) with galvanic isolation, you convert analog measurement signals (resistance, PT100/ PT1000, voltage, current 4-20 mA, frequency, pulses) into digital ones and can integrate them into your digital measuring system. The app reads the measured values and linearizes them. Thus, for example, a relative level of a tank (in percent) can be determined from a 4-20 mA signal. The linearized measurement values are then available for further processing in the Lufft I-BOX.

Up to 4 ANACON devices can be connected with a Lufft I-Box with a built-in serial interface.

SYS-App LoginDashboard

With the LoginDashboard App data can be displayed on the login page already. Thus, users have access to important information about the current measuring processes or values of selected channels without having to log in the whole system.

OUT-App Email-Events

With the new E-Mail Events App can send information due to special events. These can be generated by the SYS-app alarm events when a measured value limit is exceeded, for example. The E-Mail can be sent to multiple E-Mail recipients. The content can is freely definable and can be adapted with shortcodes (text modules) for the respective application. An event is not “consumed” afterwards, but can be used by other apps, such as for the control of signal lamps, as well.

OUT-App Anelhut

This app lets you control all 8 relays of the relay module “ANEL NET PwrCtrl HAT”. For each relay a condition and an event for the on and off switching is set. The app can handle all events that have been generated in the Lufft I-BOX, such as by the SYS-App AlarmEvents, and is able to switch relays on or off which are depending from it, provided that the free SYS App Events for the event managmenet is installed. The app has a function button with which an emergency stop can be triggered. This can be operated without registration and is used by customers to switch off running buzzers and sirens quickly. This App requires the SYS-App LoginDashboard.


With this convenient app measurement readings can be downloaded as Excel file. The desired time intervals (e.g. the whole last day) and the desired channels can be selected before downloading already and therefore simplify the data handling remarkably. Afterwards, the raw data inclusive the time of measurement are provided for the further Excel analysis. The app only works in conjunction with the SYSapp data logger.


With the new firmware 1.0.7 for Lufft I-BOX time synchronization has been greatly improved. The system time can now be set to the time zone. This is required for the regular data transmission into the cloud or a regular time synchronization with the SYSapp TimeSync. The increased accuracy improves u.b. measurements at a plurality of measurement points that are evaluated in the context of one another. Another firmware change is that the e-mail settings no longer have to be made mandatory.

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These and more Apps can be found in the App Store Lufft I-Box store at

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clauss-grau About the author:
My name is Wolfgang Clauss. I am the owner of Ondics GmbH. We support our customers in the best possible use of web and app technologies. It is fun to develop innovative concepts and thus taking customers into new areas – from concept to commercial success. We, Ondics GmbH, are partners of the G. Lufft measuring and control technology GmbH and the producer of Lufft I-BOX product family.

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