Everything at a glance: ViewMondo manages your weather stations

May we introduce ViewMondo – the new management software for your weather stations. Developed in close cooperation between Lufft and the developer from “Informatik Werkstatt”, is offers a very good overview on all of your measurement spots, no matter if they are stationary or mobile. Here you can find its features and advantages at a glance…


ViewMondo – that’s the new software from “Informatik Werkstatt” located in Augsburg, Germany. It was developed in close cooperation with Lufft and represents the perfect match for your UMB weather sensors. As alternative to the SmartView3 software, some systems were moved to the new ViewMondo server already.

But what is the new software able to and how to operate it?

ViewMondo can be runned on every kind of internet browser and does without any plug-ins, Flash or Silverlight applets which are likely to break down. Its soon available resopnsive design adapts to tablets and smartphones.

However, your measurement data should be safe from unauthorized access. Therefore, it has a password-protected user administration. Directly after entering ViewMondo, several measurement stations or groups of stations are shown at a glance – on a land map, in form of different graphs and as table. Another very good overview is given through a navigation bar, which can be faded in and out and on which the particular meauring spots are assigned to specific station names.

In case you want to see more details about the last weather condition record, one klick or tab on the station’s name is enough: An information field appears and shows all recent values. Measurement values, which are evaluated through graphs can be also shown as line and bar chart as well as a list in the “Diagram” page. ViewMondo is also able to summarize measurements as minimum, maximum or average values of the whole month or as critical spots in form of a heatmap for one or more stations. Camera shots of the measuring spot can be integrated easily in the detail overview.

Road weather conditions of mobile sensors such as the MARWIS are issued simply while driving: It follows the vehicle on a color marked and recorded track in real time and can be replayed. The colors stand for the chosen parameter, e.g. friction, road condition or road temperature and can be set individually as well.

Through a time axis the measurement history of the selected station can be browsed.

A further highlight is a de-icing recommendation in traffic light design based on a paper of the German federal agency for roads and traffic. But also the integrated plausibility check of the measurement values is a real enrichment compared to previous solutions. It not only guarantees the output of validated data but also gives hints for possible malfunctions of sensors in the field. The clever solution cross checks, if the data follow logical patterns even before they are issued. Examples are comparisons between precipitation type and ambient temperatures, consistency of values etc. In case ViewMondo discovers inconsistencies or quality problems, it will alert you via eMail automatically. For further processing all recorded measurements can be download in the common CSV format, which can be opened as an normal Excel file, soon.

Another addition is a workflow for determining the runway condition code at airports (RCC): “SnowTam” helps to identify, evaluate and document possible critical runway conditions. They are related to important information reported to landing pilots through the airport tower. It transforms a former paperwork about visually judged road conditions into a digital and sensor-based evaluation form and makes especially sense in cold environments.

In order to keep you updated all the time, we offer ViewMondo as data cloud solution based on a yearly subscription.

ViewMondo video tutorial:

Further information about ViewMondo and the opportunity to get an official offer you can find on the MicKS Homepage.

About the author:
My name is Peter Rau and I’m a Diploma Engineer. My business partner Ulrich Behrenbeck and me run the so-called “Informatik Werkstatt GmbH” (which can be translated into “IT workshop”) since 1998. Since 2000, we have developed software for Lufft – such as the firmware of the hand held devices and controllers, the SmartView and SmartGraph data output software as well as the LCom application software.

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