Securing the Airspace with Lufft Ceilometers

Since the early days of aviation, clouds stand in the way between mankind and the sky. Today, to secure airspace and guarantee a safe flight, airports rely on meteorological instruments called ceilometers. In a recent article for the distinguished review Meteorology Technology International, our application expert Holger Wille and I explained what kind of instrument […]

How Artificial Intelligence is Driving Mobile App Personalization

This week’s blog post deals with artificial intelligence and which role (weather) data plays in its further development… Apple’s launch of Siri in October 2011 is considered the beginning of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in mobile applications, and the AI helper became available to the public when the iPhone 4s came to market. Since then, […]

Welcome to the OTT Hydromet Blog!

Welcome to the OTT Hydromet Blog!

Welcome to our new blog providing insight on environmental water measurement. Here you’ll find regular posts with topics to improve your knowledge of our products and applications, general hydrology information, and current events in the environmental monitoring world. Stay tuned!