Big Data: It’s all about the strategy

Big Data, a huge amount of data, is a challenge for researchers and analysts. Although the data sets can lead to many new insights after the evaluation, it makes the complexity, the fast rate of change, and simply the amount of data almost impossible to process them with classical methods and without smart technical aids. But Lufft has some tools on offer…


Big Data, a huge amount of data, is a challenge for researchers and analysts. Although the data sets can lead to many new insights after the evaluation, their complexity, fast rate of change, and simply their amount makes it almost impossible to process them with classic methods and without smart technical aids.

Images, audios, videos, GPS satellite data, internal company information, social media and measured values: Large amounts of data are collected from different sources. If, for example, a general statement about the weather or a certain hypothesis needs to be created, it’s necessary to relate the collected data to one another, to examine their quality, meaningfulness and representativeness, and to finally record the result. It’s a great challenge for scientists to find out which strategy can be done without any mistakes and most efficiently in the shortest possible time.

The handling of large data amounts

The study of the BARC institute on the subject of “Big Data Analytics” shows how important the handling of large data amounts really is: About three-quarters of over 370 companies in the area of ​​Germany, Austria and Switzerland reported that faster and more detailed strategies by means of Big Data. More than two-thirds of the companies can also better control their operational processes by analyzing the data volume. Another advantage that should not be underestimated are possible cost savings. 45 percent of the survey participants also stated, that they can reduce their process costs with thehelp of elaborated big data strategies.

One of the challenges faced by researchers dealing with plenty of data today, is the many different file formats. As a matter of fact, more than 18,000 file formats are available on the Internet alone, which all need to be compared and combined. Although a unified strategy for the processing of the large amount of data will probably never be found, Big Data specialists are on a good way to put more and more order into the data chaos bit by bit.

In contrast, Lufft sensors have always delivered measured values in a number of industry-standard file formats. This makes them easy to be integrated and queried.

Generating Big Data with Lufft sensors

Concerning climate research, many scientists measure and analyze the earth out of space and collect data and pictures via satellites. On the other side, there are weather stations on earth, in the sea (buoys, drilling islands etc.) or in the air (airplanes, helicopters etc.), which are very important. Lufft All-in-One weather sensors are an essential part of such stations. Their simple installation and integration as well as their maintenance-free operation make it particularly easy for researchers and meteorologists.

A Lufft weather sensor provides data on temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, precipitation and more. One example of this is the Lufft WS800 – a true multitalent. With its universal connection, it can be connected to all measuring sensors and used as a display panel. In addition to climate research, the WS family is also used in road traffic control and energy production.

MARWIS – Big Data for traffic management

Stationary road weather measurement networks cover only a fraction of the total transport infrastructure. There are huge “white”, unobserved areas. MARWIS can change this by transforming vehicle fleets into brisk weather stations. With MARWIS installed on the vehicle, you can record high-precision data on a continuous and comprehensive basis and transfer it as Big Data into the cloud.

This helps especially the transport industry, cities and municipalities, providers of navigation systems, weather services, insurers and more. The measurement data contribute both to the increase of the safety as well as the improvement of the travel time calculation. In addition, it provides evidence of allegedly road weather-related traffic accidents. In addition, it can make a significant contribution to the maturity of autonomous driving.


Lufft solutions that establish order to large data amounts

To establish order to Big Data measured by Lufft sensors, the manufacturer offers user-friendly software: With the free UMB Config Tool .NET, UMB sensors can be easily integrated into the measuring network and configured. In addition, all measurement data can be queried and downloaded for further processing.

To process road and runway weather data, ViewMondo, a browser-based, intuitive software, helps you manage and keep track of all your weather stations.

The Lufft I-Box is another tool for managing measurement instruments as well as data. With the Lufft I-Box, measuring instruments, such as the Lufft weather sensors, are easily integrated into any measurement networks. The plug-and-play solution provides you with a uniform query of live data from different measuring devices. Thus, all measurement data can be displayed clearly. Different apps cover different tasks and an app for controlling alarms is included in the scope of delivery. Further apps can be downloaded of expanded according to individual requirements.


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